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Preparing For Adulthood

At Greenside we plan for our learner’s future throughout their time at school. Our ‘My’ curriculum has ‘preparing for adulthood’ principles embedded into each phase of our school and there is a destination focus for each of the main transition points many of our learners go through while they are with us.
Below are some important details about how we prepare learners for their next steps beyond Greenside:

Greenside fosters and develops employability skills in school in a variety of creative ways. A great example of this is seen in our onsite ‘Treetops’ Café. This is run by our Ks3/4 learners. This weekly event encourages leadership, teamwork, planning and customer service skills in those that run the café, while those attending gain a confidence in being a busy Café environment.

Skills fostered in the café can often be developed further in our Greenside Studio. This Pottery and sweet shop in the local Hyde is run by the students in post 16 and supports learners from across the school, by having a community access point.

Greenside works closely with the local colleges that our learners may transition to. Those learners that identify North Herts College (NHC) as an end destination are assessed against Preparing for Adulthood and employability criteria developed in partnership with NHC We use the Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA) assessment process. This process is used at NHC and through the use of the same system supports a smooth transition.
Focusing on functional skills in partnership with Enterprise Advisors has led to a number of our learners going onto Supported Internships

At Greenside we focus on realistic outcomes for our learners. Our continued emphasis on tracking EHCP outcomes ensures that transitions and the future are always at the front of our planning. Learners have the opportunity to complete work experience if appropriate at local shops and businesses in the area. These are mostly completed while in our post 16. As part of Post 16 life many have the opportunity to attend Church Farm (Ardeley) and Forest School (organised by Mudlarks). Both are local, inclusive employers. The experience at both these employers can lead to purposeful placements and employment later on in life.

We want to continually improve of Careers education and have appointed a Careers Leader in the school:

Careers Leader – Amy Warwick (please contact her via the school office)

Our aims and objective of our Careers programme are to:

- Identify and develop employability skills in learners throughout their time in school
- For learners to have the opportunity to experience a range of work place settings
- For all learners to leave school going onto an appropriate and aspirational destination
- For our school to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks as fully as possible for our setting

As part of the governments Careers Strategy all schools are expected to work towards achieving a number of benchmarks described here (https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/schools-colleges/understand-gatsby-benchmarks). These 8 Gatsby benchmarks define the best careers provision a school can be and are reflected upon within our school.

Below is a summary of progress we have made towards achieving these benchmarks and a summary of actions to be completed to support our provision improving

Progress made towards meeting the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks


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