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Introduction to the Greenside Home Leanring box


We’ve put together these creative activities, resources and ideas for learners to explore at home with their parents and carers. These activities are simple, creative and sensory and will get you moving around and thinking differently about the spaces you live in.

Some of the activities can be done with household objects, others with the simple resources we will be sending home. If you have not received a bag already get in touch and we will send one to you.

For anyone outside of our school community all the resources can be easily and cheaply purchased online and there is a link below to a pdf with all the materials and links that you will need.

We know you are all doing an amazing job during lockdown and we send our best wishes to you and our wonderful learners at home.


Download the Home School Box activities list here

Download a list of materials and links here




Here is a Spotify playlist with some different ypes of music you might enjoy working along to.


Make a Line Across Your Room

Using objects from around the home, make the longest line you can around your room. It can wave or zig-zag, go over and under furniture. Try to make it as long as you can and use as many different things as you can find!



Make a sculpture with packets and tins from your kithen cupboard.

Go into your kitchen cupboard and use the tins and packets you find to build a sculpture, a tower or a building.


Make a Cutlery Sculpture

Use forks and spoons and other kitchen implements to make a sculpture. Balance, stack and arrange the things you have found. What can you create?


String Spider's Web Activity

Tie off one end of your string to the leg of a table or chair and wind it in and out to make a spiders web.




Making Coloured Torches with Cardboard Tubes and Cellophane

Cover the end of a cardboard tube with coloured cellophane and see the world through new eyes. Shine a torch inside and make your own coloured spotlights.


Make a Wire Sculpture and Shadows Activity

Twist and bend a piece of aluminium wire into any shape you like. Place it on a surface or piece of coloured paper and use a torch to make amazing shadows.

Bubbles and Torches Activity 

Turn out the lights and blow bubbles in the dark. Use your torch to shine and light up the bubbles as they float.

Dancing with Finger Torches Activity

Turn off the lights, put a finger torch on your finger and dance around to your favourite music, or to some of the tracks on our Spotify Playlist. Can you dance in circles, zigzags, high and low, slow and fast?

Space Blanket Den Activity 

Make a den with your space blanket and shine your finger torches inside.





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