Child Protection

Safeguarding at Greenside School

Greenside is a safeguarding community where:

Everyone sees

Everyone hears

Everyone is responsible

Every adult has a responsibility to report any concern to the Designated Senior Lead (DSL) for child protection.

The Designated Senior Lead (DSL) for Child Protection is: Dawn Brown

The Deputy DSP are: Dave Victor, Alex Tomkins, Luke Simonds and Michelle Bailey

Greenside has a governor whose responsibility is to oversee all matters of safeguarding throughout the school.

The named governor for Child Protection and Safe-guarding is: Tish Chowles

We apply safeguarding, vetting procedures for all paid, unpaid, permanent and temporary staff and volunteers prior to them being engaged at Greenside School. 

Every paid, unpaid, permanent and temporary member of staff and all volunteers must undertake training in safeguarding and child protection. 

The school ICT systems and users are protected from accidental or deliberate misuse that could put our pupils at risk.
The school's Safe-guarding / Child Protection Policy is available on the school's website. The policy is also available on the school’s computer network (“N” drive), whilst hard copies can be obtained from the Head’s office.

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