The Curriculum and Learning at Greenside School

Primary Curriculum Overview

Senior Curriculum Overview

Post 16 Curriculum Overview

Primary Curriculum

Senior Curriculum

Post 16 Curriculum


The whole curriculum at Greenside promotes the intellectual, personal, social, creative and physical development of each pupil.

The central aspects to our curriculum are: communication skills, personal and social skills and physical development.

Aims and values

The Greenside curriculum strives to be relevant, creative, inspiring and motivating for each pupil enabling progress and achievement.

We aim to: • Provide a rich curriculum which motivates pupils, enabling them to enjoy school and develop a positive attitude to learning and life. • Provide opportunities which will encourage, support and challenge pupils to develop as independent young people. • Provide a safe, supportive yet challenging environment in which all members of the school community are valued, respected and enabled to succeed. • Provide partnerships with parents and the wider community which will enable its pupils to become valued members of society.

We believe that the individual young person is at the centre of all that we do- that every child is an individual and is to be respected, valued, and nurtured…and that every pupil has a ‘voice’ and that this voice should be listened to and encouraged.

We believe we must strive always to make learning successful and we can do this best by skilful teaching (having the highest possible expectations), a relevant, creative, exciting school curriculum (in and out of lessons), supportive school structures, and by a real partnership with families.

We understand that excellent relationships are vital to this happening. We believe we need to develop the whole child and encourage confidence and self-esteem.

We believe we need to recognise and celebrate everyone's achievements


Characteristics of the Greenside Curriculum

The curriculum offered at Greenside is much broader than the National Curriculum subjects alone. We incorporate a development and therapy based curriculum supported by a range of specialists including: creative practitioners, music therapists, speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapists, nurses, visual impairment and hearing impairment specialists.

We recognise the importance of matching the curriculum to the learning and emotional needs of each pupil. This is demonstrated by the specialist provision provided for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and those who have physical and or sensory impairments.

Curriculum time is devolved to ensure the use of specialist resources, facilities and opportunities including: the school’s warm water swimming pool; soft play, multi-sensory room(s); dance, pottery, rebound therapy, aromatherapy, sensory integration, intensive interaction and a wide range of creative experiences.


Individual planning and differentiation ensures that our curriculum gives sufficient emphasis to literacy, numeracy and other aspects such as personal, social and health education and citizenship. There is flexibility at each key stage to safeguard statutory requirements whilst meeting the needs and abilities of all our pupils.

The fact that our pupils are unique learners is recognised by acknowledging that their learning may be lateral and scattered.


Curriculum planning reflects the chronological age, development stage as well as the learning styles of each pupil. Our planning ensures breadth as well as a balance between the various aspects of the curriculum and the needs and interests of each pupil.

Programmes of study for each Key Stage are taught in ways that are appropriate to the level of development of each pupil. Materials maybe selected from earlier or later key stages to enable individual pupils to progress and demonstrate achievement. Care is taken to ensure that learning materials are presented in contexts and appropriate to pupils’ age and level of understanding.


Inclusive opportunities

The senior department of Greenside school is co-located with Barnwell Middle School. This has enabled exceptional opportunities to extend learning and provide inclusive lessons and social activities that are of enormous benefit to the pupils of both schools. Pupils from Greenside use the specialist science, music and Art facilities at Barnwell School. We are a partner in the gym and leisure centre which is shared by both schools. Many pupils from Greenside have their lunch with their friends at the mainstream school at The Barnwell Bistro. Inclusive lessons and activities include: reading, photography, sculpture, dance, painting, singing, drum practice, mixing and other DJ skills as well as joint educational journeys and assemblies.


Pre - vocational learning

Work related learning is an important aspect of the curriculum. We strive to ensure that each pupil has opportunities to gain independence and exceed exceptions particularly in the area of employment. To support this Greenside has a teaching provision based in the heart of the local community. (See Post 16 curriculum).

We believe in the concept of life-long learning and this is reflected in our school mission statement: ‘Working as One - Learning Together’

Extended learning opportunities

We offer a range of after-school clubs, which reflect the interests, needs and preferences of our pupils and include: Sport, Cookery, Music as well as an adventure club.

Greenside has a teacher who has responsibility for outdoor learning. We offer a range of residential and extended day journeys.

Pupils learn to care for their environment. We have our own allotment and work in partnership with Church Farm. Through collaboration with Guide Dogs we have a Buddy Dog who supports pupils learn about responsibilities and care for animals.



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