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Our Curriculum wheel

At Greenside School we recognise our learners have a wide variety of needs, therefore we provide a personalised curriculum, placing each learner at the centre of everything we do. We facilitate learning that is both engaging and motivating, offering fulfilment and achievement for all. We work together with families, carers, professionals and the wider Greenside community to create a team that supports the individual.

Our video above highlights how each learner has a number of ‘wheels’ that ensure every learner reaches, and often, goes beyond their potential.

 “4 My’s”
The 4 main areas of our curriculum relate to the SEND Code of Practice (2014) as well as the recommendations of the Rochford Report (2017):

My body -Sensory and physical needs
My communication - Communication & Interaction
My thinking – Communication & Interaction
My Wellbeing – Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Each ‘my’ helps us as a school to focus on what is important for every learner. All curriculum topics and themes are threaded back to the core ‘4 my’s’ outlined above.
We aspire to create environments and plan lessons that promote engagement for all our learners and classes are grouped with this in mind.
Phases of the school are slightly different in their curriculums, a short summary of each phase is outlined below:

Early Years

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum at Greenside follow the framework set by the Government, but adapt our delivery to suit the ever changing needs of our learners.
We pick themes depending on the natural curiosities of the group, and then plan activities for both adult led and child initiated learning. We observe closely, assessing continuously and then plan next steps from previous learning.
Recent themes have included super heroes, colours and seasons. Every theme is presented in a sensory way and differentiated depending on the level of attainment each learner presents.
We focus on nurturing independence and developing early play and communication skills, right from the start. A strong foundation builds a confident and capable learner.


The curriculum within the primary department at Greenside School is based around a highly personalised approach to learning, which aims to inspire and motivate our learners. The curriculum follows a thematic, three year cycle in which planning is wholly centred around the child. Themes were chosen by the class leads after discussion around the interests of pupils and the scope for creative and immersive learning experiences. Planning begins by focussing on the targets laid out in the education, health and care plans for each learner and from there builds up a purposeful, flexible and enriching learning experience through which to teach those skills. What makes our curriculum unique is the level of personalisation which is aimed at making the curriculum relevant and meaningful to all of our learners. 

As learners progress through to secondary age more emphasis is built upon developing independence and continuing to gain knowledge and skills appropriate to them. Within secondary classes themes and subject areas continue to structure how the leaners learn. When appropriate our higher ability learners use the Barnwell library to access paired reading opportunities with our mainstream partners. Majority of learners have access to specialist dance instructors, music lessons, swimming and horse riding. Depending on individual learner needs the curriculum can look quite different and the focus is drawn back to the learners EHCP and our overall ‘4 my’s’

Post 16

In Post 16 we deliver a broad and balanced programme through a range of approaches to ensure that we plan for learning prospects which consider all aspects of our curriculum, which includes, My Body, My Communication, My Thinking and My Well-Being.

Many of our young adults follow an outdoor learning approach which means that a lot of their learning occurs in the wider community. As part of their curriculum there is a significant focus on the skills needed in order to live as independently as possible and in order to prepare them fully for life beyond Greenside. Our timetable is put together to reflect their individual needs and to ensure that we allow adequate time to promote independence and development across all aspects of school life. Projects, such as, Greenside Studio, Ardeley Church Farm, Biggleswade Swimming, Forest School and work experience opportunities play a crucial part in the delivery of this.  

Some young adults access a multi-sensory approach where activities such as sensory stories, switches, Tac Pac, sensology, hydro pool, rebound therapy and sensory rooms play a vital part in the delivery of their curriculum. There is a huge emphasis on repetition and pace due to the developmental needs of individuals in order for them to gain, generalise and maintain new learning skills whilst promoting independence. Movement is factored into their daily routines so that we are able to meet a wide range of physio needs including, standing frames, walkers and acheeva beds to ensure their health developments and emotional well-being needs are being met.

Personalised outcomes

Each learner has a personalised Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  We work collaboratively with other professionals to set targets and ensure that effective strategies are in place to equip each learner to learn, to be happy, to communicate as well as they can and be as independent as possible. Aims and outcomes are the focus for creating differentiated learning environments ensuring that every learner within the class is challenged and are able to build upon their achievements. We track progress made to each learners EHCP outcomes and towards other research informed frameworks (please see Greenside School’s Assessment Policy/page for further details) 

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