Greenside is a co-located school
Greenside and Barnwell Schools have fostered a long standing and successful relationship which has benefited the pupils and staff of both schools.
The Senior department of Greenside is co-located with Barnwell Middle School, this has offered many exciting opportunities for inclusive learning and social activities.
Everyday some Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils from Greenside eat their lunch with their neighbours at The Barnwell Bistro.
Greenside share specialist facilities with Barnwell including:

  • gym
  • science laboratories
  • music rooms
  • dance studios
  • art and design rooms

Joint learning activities include:

  • Shared assemblies
  • Reading projects
  • Football club
  • Art club
  • Photography club
  • Music club
  • Student council

Pupils and staff from Greenside and Barnwell have worked in partnership to facilitate specific projects such as: science focus week. In addition, pupils from our two schools have come together to celebrate special events such as: The Barnwell Community Day, Children in Need, and Comic Relief.



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