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Progression of our learners and their achievement is at the centre of life at Greenside. The majority of our learners have very complex needs and sometimes their achievement does not track in a traditional way, often lateral progress is needed to support our learners reach their potential.

Outcomes are central to each of our learners and as a school we strive to ensure these are set with long-term aims and goals in mind. Preparing for Adulthood principles and opportunities post-Greenside are always in mind, from Early years through to our Post 16.

To help us ensure all learners achieve outstanding progress at Greenside we have a unique assessment approach that is personalised and individual. In some respects, it is impossible to compare any learners outcomes, progress and evidence. But to help us to plan for greater Teaching and Learning we do analyse data as a whole.

For an overview of our current Assessment System please read our:

Assessment Policy

Each year a report of progress of summative developmental assessment frameworks are found below:

Greenside Assessment and
Progress Report PIVATS 2018

Here is our overall summary of our learner’s progress

Greenside School Yearly
Assessment Summary

All data in a small setting like ours, needs to have a warning on its statistical value.

We encourage you to see the individualised story of progress for each of our learners recorded within the Evidence for Learning app.

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