Autism Spectrum Condition ASC

At Greenside we have many pupils with ASC and we provide a range of support and specialist provision that enables our young people to access the curriculum and be included within the school and wider community. We offer many specialist activties and facilities in which young people can develop and thrive.

The key areas of learning for pupils with ASC at Greenside are: Communication, Personal and Social development (PSD), Flexibility of thought, Physical Development and support for Sensory Processing Difficulties. We work with families and pupils around behaviour and self regulation. We encourage pupils with ASC to learn in a supportive and understanding learning environment designed to take their specific needs into consideration. We are an ASC friendly school and we provide clear, uncluttered and visually supportive learning environments.

We work very hard to ensure that expectations of pupils are consistent and clear. We understand the need to provide visual support and clear language, personal space for pupils and low sensory stimulation areas so that pupils have a place to go to if they need time to de-stress. We are also committed to encouraging pupils with ASC to become as independent as possible. We teach the pupils strategies for coping so that they can access a full curriculum and to participate in both the school community and that beyond the school gates.

We are accredited by the National Autistic Society who state "Greenside School demonstrates excellent knowledge and understanding of ASC. The review team observed some very sound autism friendly and specific practice. It is apparent that all staff go beyond the call of duty to provide a good service for the young people in their care and have created and maintained strong links with the families that send their children to Greenside."


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