Sensory dance and painting sessions

A weekly session with our Dance specialist Nicky and Art specialist Bill.


Over the past twoc years we have been involved in a project with Tate Modern and Kingston School of Art called 'Don't We All Play the Same? ' which aims to bring together groups of young people from Greenside with art students from Kingston to find new ways of exploring, interacting and inhabiting the gallery. The idea is to involve our young people in activities which allow them to engage with the gallery and the art works within it. It's not just about looking, but about physically and imaginatively explorign the space together.


Making noise in the Turbine Hall from Greenside School on Vimeo.



Bronze Class have been drawing lines on the walls and floors, using ribbon to make spaces for movement and using these shapes to create screen prints.


Strawberry art studio from Greenside School on Vimeo.

Art Club
We have been running a lunchtime art club for students from Greenside and Barnwell School. Over the past term they have worked together to construct a sculpture on top of an old tree stump. The sound for this video has been made by the students working with Jon to cretae music, lyrics and descriptions of their art work.



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