Art activities at Greenside range from painting, drawing, sculpture to portraiture and abstraction. Sensory art sessions encourage students to explore materials, shapes and colours while more advanced workshops encourage students to explore their own creative ideas and develop new techniques.

Strawberry art studio from Greenside School on Vimeo.

Art Club
We have been running a lunchtime art club for students from Greenside and Barnwell School. Over the past term they have worked together to construct a sculpture on top of an old tree stump. The sound for this video has been made by the students working with Jon to cretae music, lyrics and descriptions of their art work.



All About Us
Students in Blue and Orange Class have been working on self-portraits, photographing different parts of their bodies and painting over the top of them.



During this year's collaborative project with Barnwell School, students from Greenside and Barnwell worked together to create their own flags. 

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